The Mentorship Progamme

The Sutton Report ‘Evaluating Access’ identifies mentoring as one of the most effective methods of increasing the number of disadvantaged young people at University. The benefits at entry level and throughout a chosen career are quantifiable.

To increase accessibility and enhance the social mobility of the art industry, we have launched a free mentoring scheme! This will connect prospective and established candidates with professionals from the art industry via our website and app.



We have compiled a volunteer list of hundreds of colleagues and professionals, spanning every facet of the art industry and already have 300+ mentees on the site! Mentees and mentors will be matched using the data accrued from their registration forms. They can be matched with skill sets that they would like to learn more about or they can be linked with a professional who holds the exact position they are interested in. 

Mentors - if you have worked in the Art Industry, in any of the professionals listed in our Jobs in the Arts page, or if you work in a role we don’t know about yet – then please apply! We are looking to significantly grow our mentor pool and need your help to do so.

All mentors will be able to access a Mentoring Guide detailing exactly what we expect from them as mentors, along with advice and guidance on how to mentor. 

Mentees - We encourage students from all background to join our platform and explore the different opportunities available to them. Easel is here to help you consider a career in the arts a viable option and support you along the way. If you would like to be mentored and are over 18, please complete this registration form.

Once you have completed the below form, you will be sent an email detailing how to access the platform. From there you can choose the areas you would like to me mentored in or select more general mentoring. Likewise, as a Mentor you can choose the areas you are happy to advise on. 

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