Pippa Atkin

University of Edinburgh Graduate

Charlotte was kind enough to offer me some really useful advice at a time when I had a lot of decisions to make about the future and wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go in. She had been in my shoes just a few years before and could really relate to the questions that I had. Charlotte was also kind enough to help me prepare for an internship at Christies (unfortunately I secured a place in an insurance graduate programme before starting at Christie’s and therefore had to turn it down). Without Charlotte’s help and support I think I would have struggled for advice as well as opportunities in the art world. I wouldn't even have known where to start!

Pippa Atkin EASEL testimony

Olivia Corby

University of Manchester Graduate

Charlotte Maxwell has gone to great lengths in order to give me the best possible advice and support in order to help me to succeed in the Art world. She has given me great comfort and confidence with the interviewing process to the best of her knowledge and ability, which in turn had granted me success in the tenuous process. As a recent graduate, I lacked confidence, guidance and knowledge of how to achieve my dreams of working within the Art World. The advice and support Charlotte has given me has been of huge value as she has given me confidence and a platform of contacts to help kick start my career in this field. Thank you Charlotte for both your time and guidance!

Vittoria Recchi acted as a mentor to me whilst I was working at Christie’s. She was keen to get me involved with varied work experience in order to enrich my experience at Christie’s. Due to her warm and friendly nature, Vittoria not only introduced to the Marketing team, but also invited me to all the company’s events during my marketing placement to ensure I always felt welcomed. Vittoria made the daunting process of interning an exciting experience as she tried her best to keep me involved and challenged.

Olivia Corby EASEL testimony

Dorita Gilinski

University of Oxford graduate

I interned with Charlie and Vittoria at Christie's where they were both immensely helpful in showing me the ropes and supporting me throughout my time there. In an industry that can sometimes feel exclusive, they went out of their way to make me feel included and welcome. They were terrific mentors and so much of what I learnt about the art business was through them! Since Christie's, I have been able to build my own gallery that specializes in emerging Latin American artists - but I acquired both the confidence and the skills to pursue my passion for art through their encouragement and support.

Dorita Gilinski EASEL testimony

Nick Yau

Undergraduate at University of Glasgow

Charlotte has been thoroughly involved with my early career within the art world. I am currently reading History of Art at Glasgow University and expect to graduate in 2018, from which my experience will help me extend my intention to work in the art sector. Upon taking me on for work experience with Christie’s in 2013, Charlotte encouraged and supported my various applications for future placements. I maintain a very good relationship with the auction house and I have continued to work and develop with Christie’s in 2016, and this is to no end thanks to Charlotte. Her role within the department involved overseeing the progression of interns, and despite my age at the time, Charlotte enabled me to progress to a research intern within a few months, a role that I am aware is coveted by young professionals in the art world.

Charlotte’s ability to put at ease the daunting and far reaching commercial art environment was one of the main factors that helped me pursue a career in this field. This opportunity at Christie’s opened more doors within the art arena, and through the various placements Charlotte oversaw, I was able to extend my prospects, working with galleries such as David Gill Gallery, and M&L Fine Art as a result. Through Charlotte’s endeavours, support and advice I feel comfortable that I have made great strides in the art world and my career.

Nick Yau EASEL testimony

Annabelle Comyn

University of Exeter

After studying History of Art at school I decided to take it further to degree level at the University of Exeter. Over these years of study I developed a passion for the subject and decided I wanted it to become part of my career after graduation. However, it is widely known that the art world is notoriously difficult to break into - most companies require a large amount of previous relevant work experience, which I found difficult to access. Charlie was a wonderful contact who gave me a huge amount of help and advice regarding the different roles and career paths in this small, yet hugely competitive field. I was thrilled that she was able to help me gain three weeks work experience at Christie's in the Impressionist and Modern Art Department and I am hugely grateful to her for giving me the opportunity at such an impressive and dynamic company. I enjoyed it so much that I am working there again for four weeks this summer and I am sure it is a vital addition to my CV. I would have found it much harder to gain this experience if it wasn't for Charlie's insightful and knowledgeable help and advice."

Annabelle Comyn EASEL testimony