A Professional Portrait by Vittoria Recchi

Director of Business Development and Marketing


Published: 2nd July 2017

What inspired you to pursue a career in the arts?

I have been surrounded by art since a young age, having grown up in Rome. Wherever i'd go i would see amazing buildings and very ancient paintings, and i have been lucky enough to grow up in a family that offered me many chances to visit galleries and museums throughout my formative years. While walking through those rooms fullo of beautiful artworks i felt at peace with myself, hence probably my career choice. 

Can you tell us a little about your role?

I am the Director of Business Development and Marketing at MutualArt, a tech startup which offers art information services as well as managing the Artist Pension Trust Collection. My role is to develop, implement and manage marketing strategies and campaigns for the MutualArt brand and products and the Artist Pension Trust Collection. 

I also work on identifying and closing strategic partnerships with prospective media and industry partners including art fairs, museums, art websites/blogs/publications and other organisations and institutions. 

What does your average day entail?

The fun part of being in a startup is that there is no day like the previous one. My job here requires strategic thinking and planning as well as allowing creativity and fast turn around of projects thanks to a small but very agile team that works well together. It is great to experience this freedom and to be the owner of my own thoughts and ideas after so many years spent in a big machine such as Christie's!

How did you get your job?

I got approached by a friend and former Christie's colleague! 

The skills acquired trough my previous roles have definitely contributed to get me where i am now. While being at Christie's i have learned how to work hard as part of a big team, with intricate politics and protocols to stick to. I also had the chance to experience working in a very international environment and to learn how to manage teams from a distance  (Asia and Americas). My job for the Bute Family Group thought me how to think strategically, take ownership and give direction to the departments of the business i was accountable for- all skills important to know before you make a jump such as the one i made! 

What is the best part of your job?

The passion, creativity and commitment to the arts shown by the people i work with! It is such an inspiring environment, and i am so blessed to be able to do what i love for a living! I was recently in Venice for the opening of the 57th Biennale, in the Giardini on a sunny day, surrounded by Pavillions full of art, inspiring and likeminded people from all over the world, and thought to myself - life doesn't get much better than this! 

What is the hardest part of your job?

Understanding the tech world and its lingo!

I really shouldn’t be saying this but trying to keep up with the tech industry and the constant updates, innovations and inventions is for me the hardest, not being a very techy person myself. It is at the same time a great challenge and one I really wish to rise to, as it gives me the possibility to learn and develop a broader transferable and very actual set of skills every day, something that I am sure I will be able to use in any future role I may have within or outside the art industry. It also reminds me that we can all make anything happen – often with a little help from our very patient colleagues!

What has been the highlight of your career?

More than a single highlight there is a constant punctuation of great moments with good friends and museum quality works - one could not ask for more!

What is your favourite Artwork?

Dali’, Dali’ and Dali’! My absolute favourites are his works on paper, especially the Odyssey series, parts of which I have been lucky enough to see for sale at Christie's in numerous occasions. Another work that i really love is the Die Bilderbuch drawings by Otto Dix, a nursery story book he drew for a friend's son, pages of which were sold in June 2011 - my first ever sale at Christie's!

Which artist would you have liked or would like to meet?

As you may have gathered from my answer above, Salvador Dali’. I would have loved to get the chance to meet him at a dinner party and hear all about his world – he must have been such an intriguing man with a very vivid imagination and a rich inner world! I am always impressed by his skills as an artist and perfect use of perspective in his works – especially in the works on paper ones, where the space seems to multiply and never end.

What advice would you give to people trying to enter the art industry?

Be always prepared to go above and beyond your described role - no job in the art industry will stick to the job description and you never know when those skills may come in handy - plus it allows you to make contacts which are SO important! Be proactive, always ready to learn - listen, speak when appropriate to but don't be afraid to speak up for yourself when needed - and ALWAYS be kind. Perseveration is key, but set yourself some deadlines too - it is important to be valued for your work!

If you weren’t in the art industry, what would you be doing?

Working with animals and towards environmental preservation. I have always had a passion for animals and a tight bond with the sea as i have spend most of my summers teaching sailing in Sardinia, so when choosing my university degree I wanted to study Marine Biology. A few good advisors made me realise that it might have been a slippery slope as I am not a scientific mind, so I chose Art History instead. I still manage to perpetrate my passion for nature and animals in my daily life by taking care of my beloved dog, volunteering with animal shelters and taking part to environmental charitable projects whenever i can!