The Grant Scheme

The Easel Grant Scheme will launch late 2018. This is the third stage of our plan to encourage talent independent of background, enable all students to consider a career in the arts a viable option and help break down the financial barriers associated with entering the industry.

We will offer a variety of grants including relocation grants and internship subsidy grants. The former will help candidates with the costs associated with with any moving costs for a role outside of they home city. The latter will financially support candidates who cannot afford to undertake an internship in the Art Industry enabling them to consider a career in the arts and the steps towards it viable. We will provide eligible candidates with a grant that will bring subsidize their salary and bring them up to the minimum wage for under 25 year olds and the London living wage for over 25 year olds.

For example, if you secured an internship which offered £1,040 per month or £12,480 annually, Easel would supplement your salary as follows: 

For under 25 year olds:

  • £182 per month which would increase your remuneration to £1,222 per month or £14,664 per annum in accordance to the minimum wage.

For over 25 year olds:

  • £545 per month which would increase your remuneration to £19,020 per annum in accordance to the London Living Wage.

Any Easel Candidate who has come through our mentorship progamme, graduated and secured an internship will be eligible to apply for a grant. The application form will go live late 2018 and candidates can register their pre-interest on the mentee registration form. The team at Easel will review every application and ensure that grants are given to the candidates most in need. It is our goal to help as many people as possible, however the number of grants available will depend on the amount of funding we raise. Mentoring will be provided throughout their internship for support along the way. 

If you or your company is interested in sponsoring a candidate or providing grants please contact us at

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